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Full-time/time partial MBAEntrepreneurial and finance Venture Capital (a FINC-445-0) this course counts toward the following specialties: entrepreneurship, financial innovation &. This course uses the case study of entrepreneurial finance and venture capital decision focusing on start-up (growth of entrepreneurial businesses) financing decisions. The objective is to understand how entrepreneurs can raise funds and how society of capital risk capital and funds for growth, value click, structuring, financing and management of their investments. The course covers all stages of the funding process, from the beginning up to the harvest. Many cases relate to technology-based companies, although the emphasis is on gain self insights into business finance, not the technology. The course will enter into many details with respect to the structuring of financing in stages and promote entrepreneurship. In addition, this course provides knowledge about how they work venture capital society, why take forms that make and where the opportunities for innovation and critical problems. Consider the incentives faced by societies of capital risk and investors in these partnerships and how to do it properly financing decisions and negotiate contractual terms and conditions. WARNING for start-ups seeking financing funds of testosterone io download United States and venture capital of high growth in comparison with the more traditional family and entrepreneurial companies that operate globally (for these issues, see FINC945) and purchase of leverage (see FINC-448 FG). The course is primarily aimed at people who may be involved in a business project at some point in his career in a large organization, a turn, a purchase of management or a startup. The course is also useful for the careers of venture capital. DoctoralEmpirical Corporate Finance (FINC-489-0) this course prepares pH. D. students to do empirical research in corporate finance. The course is organized around documents and work in the field with an emphasis on econometric methods. Rather than providing a complete overview of the field, the course focuses on topics selected in depth in order to illustrate the different empirical approaches to the same or similar questions. Using corporate finance documents, highlights the course of the following empirical issues: endogeneity, difference in studies and event difference estimators. Executive business finance MBAEntrepreneurial & Venture Capital (0-446-FINCX) was a powerful source of innovation and employment in the global economy. In the United States, the majority of the new jobs created by startups. Financial problems faced by enterprises are drastically different from those encountered by established companies. The aim of this course will analyze the unique financial issues facing high-growth business projects (think: high growth start-up), including the various sources of financing and to the type of contracts offered to this type of business. .